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FREDERICK, Md. (WDVM) — “Privacy tools” option is available for anyone with an electronic device. It’s crucial to protecting your data. Putting your life out on social media can come with consequences. “How they stay private when browsing the internet and what risk are you are browsing websites,” Darren Clark said, owner of Clark computer services. Think about every website you’ve gone to or clicked on. Did you know that your travel around the internet can be tracked?

“Your movement across the internet is tracked, companies, when you’re on their website they are storing information about you, where you’re located at the IP address of the router you came from, your home,” Clark said.
One of the biggest mistakes that the average person often makes is sharing too much on social media. Cybercriminals can use what you put online to their advantage.

“Security questions, one of those questions might be “what is the name of your oldest nephew and so through your Facebook page, looking at your post they can find that information out and use it to answer that security question, maybe to get a password reset,” Clark said. Your computer can be under attack within 5 minutes of being online if you’re not surfing safely.

On your browser, you have privacy settings that allow you to search the internet privately. “Google Chrome calls it incognito, and what that allows you to do, is the browser itself keeps the tracking information from going to the websites you’re visiting,” Clark said. Privacy settings can only protect your data to a point. Cyber officials say you shouldn’t ignore software updates, they can fix further security issues. Cyber officials also say, be careful where you click. even in privacy mode, certain sites can still be imbedded with viruses.

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