Corridor H makes progress towards connecting West Virginia


Randolph County, W. Va. (WDVM) — The Corridor H highway project has been making progress lately and Senator Shelly Moore Capito who has been spearheading the project is looking forward to the opportunities that the new highway will bring to West Virginia.

The Corridor H project is a four lane highway that will run through the majority of West Virginia making travel within the state much more efficient. Corridor H is also part of the Appalachian Development Highway System (ADHS) which was created by Congress in the Appalachian Development Act of 1965. It’s purpose is to create new economic opportunities in previously isolated areas and communities by connecting them to the broader interstate highway system.

This past week, Sen. Capito oversaw construction on the next stretch of the highway project stretching along Route 35.

“Every time we open a new piece, it opens up the communities to better travel, to the ability to economic develop certain areas. And it’s safer too. It’s safer for vehicles, it’s safer for buses and trucks. And it provides that element of safety that I think sometimes those two lane roads just can’t guarantee.”

Senator Capito has secured $181.4 million in these discretionary highway funds for West Virginia projects over the past 20 months. This is more than 18 times than the prior five years. Since December 2018, Senator Capito has secured $132 million in these discretionary highway grants for Corridor H.

Senator Capito also says that she will continue to champion this project to improve the roadway infrastructure of West Virginia.

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