College educated women make up most of the people in the workforce for 2019


Women decide it's time to hop into work with men and degrees

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (WDVM)–Pew Research released a new study saying that women with higher education (ages 25 and up) will now likely make up a majority of those in the workforce for 2019

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that for more than a decade, women have had more college degrees than men. However, women did not decide to enter the workforce at the same rate as men until recently, the study claims.

“That is amazing actually,” said Montgomery County Community College student Dyneesha Head, “The more women getting educated and just decided to go into the workforce. That’s amazing, I love it.”

Alison Seymour, a chemistry student who has a full-time job says that it’s not abnormal to see women handle multitasking: jobs, school, and partners. “I think that it’s becoming more and more normal for women to be going into the workforce, ” she comments.

For Montgomery County Community College Instructional Associate Dilki Jayasekera, the new data about educated women working is a milestone achievement. She says this is not possible in her home country and has a message for her students and others, “I always encourage women to pursue higher degrees.”

The Pew Research study sides with Jayasekera and also talks about the gender pay gap. It says although women now make up the majority of the workforce and the college educated, they are still getting paid less in some instances. However, the conclusion of the study points out that perhaps with more women in the workforce with higher education, society can close the gender pay gap.

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