“My ideal Mother’s Day would just be a little bit of extra sleep,” said Andie Burke, member of FIT4MOM.  “I think every mom needs a little bit extra.”

Even the little things can provide huge relief for our home heroes, things as little as 18 by 12 inch signs.

“We understand that expectant mothers and people with small children need a little extra help, avoid some of the traffic, for safety issues, and for convenience for shopping,” said Randy Goldman, director of marketing and business development for Clarksburg Premium Outlets.

Clarksburg Premium Outlets unveiled the preferred parking spots Friday morning, just before the Mother’s Day weekend rush.

The seven spots sit next to the entrance fittingly by the playground, and in a lot boasting more than 2,000 parking spots, they save a lot of hassle.

And if you don’t come laced up in running sneakers and leggings like the FIT4MOM members do, now the trek to the outlet mall from your car, doesn’t have to end in extra swollen ankles.

“The fact that they are paying special attention to our prenatal moms and moms with little ones means definitely a lot to the community, so we’re happy to be here and support them,” said Heather Galladora, owner and instructor for FIT4MOM Montgomery County.