City of Hagerstown looks to reduce storm water pollution


The City of Hagerstown is conducting a study that aims to ultimately find ways to reduce storm water pollution.

The city’s engineering department is creating a request for proposals to come up with an appropriate storm water utility fee.

The fee will help pay for the maintenance associated with the demand placed on the storm water system.

The storm water study would cost anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000 and typically takes up to five years to complete, but they will aim to complete it in just three. 

The money will most likely come from the city’s reserve fund, but Hagerstown City Council ember Lewis Metzner raised concerns about paying that fund back in the next fiscal year.

The city’s engineer, Rodney Tissue, is also looking for public input.

Mayor of Hagerstown Bob Bruchey said, unfortunately, there is no way around this, because it comes from a state mandate requiring the city to manage and treat storm water.

“We’re going to have to do certain things to control storm water, to treat storm water, to manage our storm water facilities and any run-off,” said Mayor Bruchey.

Proposals will be brought back to the mayor and council in January of 2018.

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