Charles Town Kiwanis Club elects second black president


When you go to a Kiwanis club meeting in Charles Town you will find Gene Taylor. Taylor, who is 70 years-old, was recently selected as the new president of the club. This makes him the second black president in the Charles Town Kiwanis Club’s history.  

“That’s a privilege for me to be in that spot, like I said this is a family to me, everybody in here, they don’t see color, they see people,” said Taylor.

Years back, the Kiwanis did not allow women or people of color.

“Back in the 60’s and 70’s when I was thinking about joining an organization like this, I couldn’t do it, of course back then there was a lot of segregation going on,” said Taylor.  

Penny Fuller serves as the Lieutenant Governor of the organization and says she was happy to see the organization become more diverse.

“Kiwanis should represent all of our community and should be helping toward working toward helping all of the children in our community develop their leadership potential,” said Fuller.

Taylor says their organization is focused on helping raise scholarship money for the youth and he wants do his part to take the organization to the next level.

“I want to try to build the Kiwanis into the best that they can be, not that they’re not, but I want to do my part in helping out,” said Taylor.  

Currently, the Charles Town Kiwanis club only has two black members, a number that Taylor wants to change.

“We need more people of color of it, fact I would like to see more people period you know in the Kiwanis to help out,” said Taylor. 

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