Celebrating Thanksgiving, vegan-style


Every Thanksgiving, there’s turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie with whipped cream – all things vegans can’t traditionally eat.

But an annual event, organized by the Veg Society of D.C., provides vegans in the Washington, D.C. area a Thanksgiving feast with no animal products, ranging from carrot ginger soup to beet salad and lentil shepherd’s pie.

This year attracted record numbers, with 340 people in attendance of all diets.

In its 43rd year, the goal of the event is to offer a space, where people can enjoy a gourmet meal with like-minded people.

“It’s a great way to celebrate this really important day,” said Saurabh Dalal, Board Member, Veg Society of D.C. “It’s about family, it’s about friends, it’s about food, but we like to do it in a way that really affirms and shows compassion and respect for all life.”

The Veg Society of D.C. is the oldest local organization in North America promoting veganism.

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