“We cannot let up on this fight”: Texas State Rep. Alex Dominguez explains how new voter suppression bill will harm voters

Capitol Review

WASHINGTON (WDVM) — More than 50 Texas House Democrats have been in the nation’s capital since July 12th, in an effort to block Republicans from enacting new voting restrictions in the state.

On Capitol Review with Tasmin Mahfuz, Texas State Representative Alex Dominguez explains how the new Texas voting bill in the House, HB3, would criminalize poll workers and target people of color by taking away their assistance to translation services. Texan Republicans argue there are bilingual ballots, but Democrats say it’s not enough.

“When they’re attempting to fill out the ballot, remember at times, we’re voting not just for the candidate but for referendums, constitutional amendments, ordinances, and those are going to be written, typically in, some sort of gobbledygook. Even for an attorney, like myself, I might have some trouble understanding what we’re voting on,” said Dominguez.

The group of lawmakers said they plan to remain out of state until after the special legislative session ends on Aug. 6.

“I think the right to vote is fundamental,” Dominguez said. “My family understands how big of a fight this is. They know that in my own area, people of my color in the past have been discriminated against. We know people in larger areas in Houston have been beaten, arrested, sometimes tortured, sometimes killed in the rich history of Texas. We cannot let up on this fight.”

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