(WDVM) — On Capitol Review, Tasmin Mahfuz spoke to Igor Kossov, a journalist at the Kyiv Independent, who was escaping from Kyiv to Vinnytsia (a town four hours away in Ukraine), when Russian troops started to shell and attack the region with missiles, helicopters, tanks and ships. Calling from his car, Kossov details what he and Ukranians are experiencing amid a full-scale Russian invasion. 

When asked how people outside of Ukraine can help, Kossov said donations to the Kyiv Independent would be greatly appreciated to keep the news source running. 

Donations can be made via its GoFundMe and Patreon accounts.

Kyiv Independent is an English-language media outlet that was launched three months ago and created on the principles of free-press and editorial independence.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.