Impeachment Inquiry and Hearings

Capitol Review

More closed-door meetings occurred Friday

(WASHINGTON) — Although Congress is on recess, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee held a news conference Monday to talk about the next steps in the impeachment inquiry.

House Committees on capitol hill took on the first questioning of the impeachment inquiry.

Former US special envoy to Ukraine, Kurt Volker, was on the hill Thursday to answer questions under oath before a handful of lawmakers and congressional staff. The session was behind closed doors. The president discussed the hearing at a healthcare event in Florida saying the Democrats want to impeachment because they can not beat him in the upcoming election.

House Republicans are complaining that Democrats are not allowing Republican lawmakers or staff to question witnesses.

More closed-door meetings occurred Friday as House Intelligence Committee members plan to question Michael Atkinson, the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community.

It was Atkinson who read and believed-credible the whistleblower complaint that is at the Center of the House Impeachment Inquiry.

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