A Flight Attendant’s Journey with Afghan Refugees

Capitol Review

WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Flight Attendant Mitch Webb shares his journey on the first domestic Afghanistan refugee charter in the United States. Webb was the lead flight attendant with a CVG crew on Allegiant from Washington Dulles International Airport to Wisconsin.

“I’m very happy along with my crew that we were able to help other human beings escape from a horrible situation. This is probably the most important, historic, and most memorable flight I have flown since I started as a flight attendant. This flight was very intense, families have been separated and some of the refugees were taking care of other people’s children whose parents are still in Afghanistan. A huge thank you to my new friend and also a translator. He escaped from Kabul, was flown to Qatar, Germany, finally now the United States,” Mitch said.

Watch the full conversation in the video above.

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