Cannabis company holds free evaluations for veterans


For years, the specialists at Canna Care have been working to remove the stigma and misinformation surrounding marijuana, promoting it as a safe alternative to standard pharmaceuticals.

“They come home from war and they are put on multiple medications and they feel like less than themselves when they take those medications because a lot of them are extremely intoxicating and really sedating,” said Canna Care mid-Atlantic operations manager Maggie Fauver.

According to Fauver, an average of 22 veterans die every day due to symptoms stemming from PTSD.

“Some of them do not intentionally kill themselves,” said Fauver. “It is the medications that they are using. The rate of accidental overdose in the veteran population in astronomical and it is a real problem.”

Fauver and her staff say that they can knock that number down with the power of medical marijuana, which is impossible to overdose on.

On Saturday, dozens of veterans arrived at Canna Care clinics all across the state to get free cannabis evaluations and recommendations for the medicine which will soon be available.

Once the recommendation is given, veterans are only going have to wait about a month before the very first shipments of medicine come in and are available to be sold at dispensaries across the state.

Canna Care consultants say that Maryland dispensaries will be able to help veterans and the rest of the public control symptoms from cancer, schizophrenia, multiple scleroses, AIDS and dozens of other diseases.

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