The summer is coming to an end, but that isn’t keeping Americans away from campgrounds.
Experts tell us campgrounds are generating more business than in previous years.
There’s nothing like the great outdoors, and that’s what one family from New Mexico said about their stay at the Kampgrounds of America in Hagerstown.
“I really love it out here and all the scenery compared to New Mexico, because there really isn’t anything in New Mexico. I just really like it out here,” Noah Lujan, a camper, said.
Normally, campgrounds in our area see less families as the summer ends, but KOA in Hagerstown said this year is different; they’ve seen more campers this year than ever before.
“People are traveling further, because gas prices are low. We’re seeing people from Florida this time of year, when, normally, it’s just local people,” John Durham, Owner, KOA, said.
According to the 2017 North American Camping Report, 13 million North Americans plan to camp more this year, and Kampgrounds of America said millennials are driving these numbers upward.
“Millennial are camping in large numbers. They like to rent two or three cabins together or two or three sites together then come in groups. It’s been very good for business,” Durham said.
Officials said these numbers are up, because Americans are drawn to camping and outdoor activities. It gives people a chance to spend quality time friends and family
“It’s all family experience of gathering around the campfire — being in the nature [and] in the woods,” Durham said.
Some millennials start off in tents but then make their way to cabins, and one of the reasons is because of the KOA’s cabins’ patios; they are very family-oriented and even have a bonfire.
“We do any of the activities. We could go putt putt, swim or really anything,” Lujan said.
The report also said more people are engaging in activities like fishing, hiking and kayaking.