Boozing with a barbell: MoCo gym attains alcohol license


A new bar is coming to town, and it’s roommates with a gym.

“The why is simple; this area has needed a club like this, multi-dimensional, that’s got a little bit of everything,” said Ken Corbett, General Manager of Life Time Fitness in Gaithersburg.

Corbett says Life Time Fitness is no different from a Las Vegas resort.

The 140,000 square-foot wellness center opened last October, and as of this month, is permitted to sell alcohol.

“As far as your workouts, it’s not gonna be beneficial to your results,” said Brent Steinmetz, a registered dietician.

So no, this doesn’t mean mixing alcohol and working out is a good idea.

“When we work out we get a little dehydrated, so our first thing, especially when your body’s looking for fuel, shouldn’t be an alcoholic drink,” said Steinmetz.

Life Time Fitness recommends avoiding a Budweiser or glass of Cabernet before a workout, and sticking with a maximum of one drink after.

The beer and wine license will only be utilized during the summer months, at the outdoor cafe.

“I think most people would have the common sense to say, ‘Okay I’m at the pool, I’m having a drink, I’m not gonna go in and try to bench 315,” said Steinmetz.

But members are free to enjoy drinks whenever they please, before, after, or in between workouts.

“We want this to be a lifestyle destination,” said Corbett.  “You can literally spend all day here.”

The club’s versatility helps explain the 110 dollar monthly charge, not including the initiation fee.

“There’s a niche out there for everybody,” said Corbett.  “There’s a niche out there for the LA Fitness of the world and there’s a niche out there for the people that want to join Life Time Fitness.”

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