Boonsboro residents allegedly stole five rifles, now face federal charges


Gun shop owners in the four-state are trying to figure out how thieves could get away with five stolen rifles in hand.

“As a business owner, I’m not quite sure how that event would even take place in another store,” Lance Hendershot, owner of Hendershot Sporting Good’s said.

But according to the U.S. Department of Justice, two Boonsboro residents did just that at the Waynesboro Walmart.

“These are extremely serious federal charges with substantial penalties for persons who are found guilty,” U.S. Attorney, Peter Smith said.

Smith said Rodney Robinson, 30, broke into a gun case at the Walmart and took five rifles. Robinson then got into the car with Amber Crummitt, 33, and the two got away.

“It’s a tough move to get [the rifles] out the front door and not look awkward, especially doing it with five,” Alan Mullendore, with Hendershot’s Sporting Goods said.

Mullendore said each rifle weighs about 8 pounds and not only are they cumbersome to carry, but they are obvious.

Retailers said every gun that is sold legally is packaged neatly, but Smith said that was not the case for Robinson.

“We ask everyone to come in with the firearm cased and leave with it cased,” Hendershot said. “So, if someone were to go out with a firearm uncased, it would automatically send up a red flag.”

Days after the first incident, Crummitt and Robinson came back to the Walmart for more. However, this time when Robinson forced the gun case open, alarms sounded. He left the guns and left the store.

Robinson and Crummit were indicted on multiple charges for conspiracy to steal firearms, including: theft of firearms, transportation of stolen firearms across state lines, possessing and disposing of stolen firearms, and possession of firearms by felons.

Robinson is currently in custody on unrelated charges. He will appear in court on Jan. 26 in Harrisburg.

Crummitt has been given a summons, but her court date has not yet been determined.

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