BLM March and Block Party held Downtown


FREDERICK, Md (WDVM) Activists held a march and block party through downtown Frederick Saturday afternoon for their Juneteenth march for justice.

Demonstrators met in front of Frederick High School and were social distance as they walked.

Aje Hill was among those who spoke at the march, saying change can’t be made by just buying a Black Lives Matter shirt.

“Let’s keep the pace, this is not a race, this is a marathon,” Hill said. “This has been started; Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Jesse James. Let’s play our role, everyone has a role.”

Wearing masks and holding signs, activists peacefully marched on the sidewalks chanting phrases like “Black Lives Matter,” and saying the names of Black people who have been killed by police.

The march ended at Mullinix Park and then turned into a block party with food, music, and vendors.

Frederick resident jeremiy hyatt attended the event and said he was marching for equality for the black community.

“[Black Lives Matter] means they can go anywhere they want and be treated the same, such as a white person. And it’s not so much that they matter more than everyone else, it’s just more so that they deserve to have the same freedoms and equality as everyone else,” Hyatt said. “So that’s why we’re standing up, and even though I’m not black, my wife isn’t black, we still want to stand for that cause.”

This was not the first march for social justice in Downtown Frederick in the recent weeks and activists are planning on social media to host another protest later this month.

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