Biden has won the presidency. How those struggling with the results can cope


VIRGINIA (WDVM) — America finally has an answer — former vice-president Joe Biden will become our next president.

But how can those who didn’t support him cope with the loss? Licensed clinical social worker and director at The Dorm Sarah Harte says to stay off of social media. 

Although Biden was named president-elect on Saturday morning, recounts could drag the process out even longer.

So-called “doomscrolling” and checking the news constantly can negatively impact mental health. When talking politics with your friends and family, staying civil is key. 

“It’s ok to stand up for what you believe in, it’s ok to express yourself,” said Harte. “But what’s not ok is establishing this polar perspective of right and wrong, black and white, because what that does is add to a really clear divide and that doesn’t actually help communication.”

She said during these times, it’s important to maintain self care — that means exercise, sleep and eating well.

Talking to a support group – or getting mental health care, if needed – are also key ways to express frustration. 

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