Aviation company focused on repairing planes and jets brings business to Hagerstown


An aviation company focused on repairing everything from airplanes to private jets is setting up a new location at the Hagerstown airport.

Donnie Wright, a technician at Cycle Aviation, said he has always let his fascinations take flight.

“I’m like a little kid when it comes to it, I always look up in the sky when airplanes fly over and always see what it is, what kind of make and model it is,” Wright said.

Wright said working as a technician at Cycle Aviation’s new location at the Hagerstown Regional Airport is practically a dream come true for the four-state native.

“I enjoy doing what I do every day, and I actually don’t have to commute very far, so I can spend more time with my family,” Wright said.

Mark Granger, president of Cycle Aviation, said the company is a one-stop-shop for aircraft repairs, whether a customer needs to refurbish the inside of a private jet or they need a few repairs on the plane’s exterior.

Granger said a lot of its business will be home-grown in Hagerstown. Cycle Aviation plans on partnering up with local industries to get their paint and sheet metal work done.

“A lot of the things that we don’t do are very well supported here in Hagerstown by other companies,” Granger said.

Granger said another big draw for the company was having the aviation school nearby.

“We intend to have a facility to be able to take those people from schooling into a maintenance career at this location,” Granger said.

Phil Ridenour, Hagerstown Regional Airport director, said he has been looking for an opportunity like this for the airport for years. Not only will it boost business in the area’s industry by adding 25 new jobs, in everything from office personnel to maintenance, but it also means bigger business for the airport.

“With more customers, they’re going to be buying fuel, and all those things generate money for the airport,” Ridenour said.

Employees at Cycle Aviation agree that there a big mutual benefits for both companies and the community.

“All this is going to do is grow, it’s going to bring a lot to Hagerstown Airport, a lot of things that aren’t here,” Wright said.

Cycle Aviation will officially open its doors for new business in our area on May 3. 

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