A Gaithersburg man found guilty of trying to brutally murder his ex-girlfriend received his sentence Friday in Rockville Circuit Court.

Kittrell Budd, 27, was given a life sentence for his attack on the young woman last Dec.

Crime scene photos show the disturbing aftermath of that attack where Budd ambushed and then attacked the woman while holding a kitchen knife.

The woman was stabbed around the neck, face and head a total of 9 times before a neighbor approached and caused Budd to flee.

The attack nearly killed the victim and came just six hours after she had placed a protective order against her ex-boyfriend.

“The fear came through the fact that he is known for carrying hand guns. He did threaten us to our face. A lot of his family and friends did know where we lived. So any of them could have popped up at any time if he sent them to – they would have.”

The victim did speak out in open court prior to the sentencing, but said she forgave Budd, who does have a long history of violence, abuse and criminal behavior.