Are pet owners investing more in their furry friends?


Less than three months ago, Sammy suffered a spinal cord injury.

After a surgery that cut part of his spine and strict physical therapy, the pup is beginning to walk again.

“It’s always really amazing to be part of something – to watch a pet really blossom, to start out one way and then end up being this pet who’s really loving and sweet,” said Rachel Levine, Customer Service Relations Manager for Pet Dominion.

Pet Dominion sees five to ten physical therapy patients a day, and the director of the program said the numbers are on the rise.

“Especially around this area, we see people that come in, and their dog or cat is basically their child,” said Justin Bassett, Canine Rehab Therapist at Pet Dominion.

But Bassett admits, treatment like this isn’t financially feasible for everyone, as it can become a huge financial investment.

“It’s about $1,000 for the five weeks of rehabilitation,” said Bassett.

This doesn’t include the cost of the actual surgery or additional therapy.

But, a pet’s expanding role in the family has changed the way a lot of owners view spending.

“Ultimately, most importantly, she’s really happy,” said Levine.

One pitbull transformed from an emaciated, neglected pup to an agile, friendly one.

“We treat them as if they were part of our family,” said Bassett.

These dogs are exposed to state-of-the-art technology, used with professional athletes.

In the end, Bassett said it actually can save some owners’ money.

“One of the risk factors associated with knee surgery is that the sound leg is at risk for tearing,” said Bassett. “If you work on strengthening up the surgical leg, you can actually prevent that from happening and save the owner a lot of money.”

Pet Dominion also offers shorter-term treatment options that cost less and potentially can replace surgery.

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