More sinkholes have formed near the Frederick Fairgrounds, and residents say something needs to be done soon.

“Fear of this place becoming a big sinkhole… anger because the city’s not doing anything to fix this up,” said a concerned Frederick resident.

However, city officials say most of them are from heavy rain fall a couple of months ago. They added that they are working on a solution.

“So the city is very aware of the sinkholes around the city unless there are some that haven’t been reported… And has investigated them closely to the ability that the city themselves can make repairs that are needed we do that,” said Patti Mullins of the Mayor’s Office.

A local resident who wanted to remain anonymous says it’s not one, not two but several others in the area of Virginia Avenue.

“There are about eight sinkholes and they’re joining together.. .they were I would say about 50 yards… Now they’re turning into feet,” said the concerned Frederick resident.

City officials want people to remain safe by staying away from the sinkholes.

“For a variety of them.. Not every single one but I know in that general area they’ve done  an investigation to determine that they want experts to come in and do repairs and we’ve put out a bid for those experts to apply to do that under contract, and the bid closes October 4,” added Mullins.

Nearby residents says they just want them to be repaired.

“In general … Just angry because it makes out neighborhood look really bad.. because the children don’t have a park to play in so just waiting and wondering what’s taking the city so long to come and make these repairs,” said a Frederick resident. “We are very  afraid of the possibility of the sinkholes joining together and joining together and becoming a swamp.”

According to city officials, sinkholes that form on private property are not something that the city can address, citing that is the responsibility of the property owners. They say the can only interfere when a sinkhole expands to public property, like streets or sidewalks.