7 species of bumble bees are on the endangered species list


Last year, a certain type of bumble bee was added to the endangered species list by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service for the first time, but now there are up to seven species of bumble bees at risk of going extinct, including the Yellow-Faced Bee. 

The rusty patched bumble bees now only remain in just thirteen states. 

Bumble bees are important pollinators of plants and crops and losing them can have long-term effects in growing important ingredients commonly found in popular food items. 

Bumble bees are different than other types of bees, which makes it harder for them to live.

Washington County Bee Keepers Club member, Rick Stephens said “bumble bees live by themselves. they will plant, or they find a spot in the ground or in the stem of a dead plant and lay their eggs one at a time feeding that and they don’t cluster like honey bees do.”

To help save the bumble bees, you can plant bee-friendly flowers, minimize the use of pesticides in your garden and purchase your honey locally. 

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