Antietam no longer carries WDVM 25 as of January 1st.

Make your voice heard: call Antietam at 301-797-5000 to demand that local businesses like WDVM 25 should be treated fairly in the community. Tell Antietam to return to negotiations to bring WDVM back to your cable system.

Q: What is happening?
A: Antietam subscribers have lost their WDVM 25 station at 11:59 p.m. local time on December 31, 2018. Antietam has yet to reach a new distribution agreement to allow the cable television provider the right to continue to air your favorite new stories around the Hagerstown, Washington County and surrounding areas, an as well as weather alerts, traffic and crucial emergency updates. WDVM has reached out to local officials to make sure local businesses are treated fairly, but we need help from loyal viewers like you.
Q: What other programming could I miss?
A: Since Antietam has decided not to carry your WDVM 25 station, you have lost your local news, emergency service updates, and community-focused programming that you so depend on. Over the past week, you have missed dozens of stories that have aired and directly impacted Hagerstown and Washington County residents, not including all of the daily traffic and weather updates. With winter weather upon us, Antietam is putting the safety of Hagerstown residents, both young and old alike, at risk by not being able to view any weather alerts or school closing information as needed.

Q: Where will WDVM 25 programming still be available?
A: No other cable or satellite company is affected; only Antietam customers have lost their favorite news source for the Hagerstown and Washington County areas. Other providers are available including DISH (855-898-6730) and Verizon Fios (855-524-1243), and over-the-air with a digital antenna.
Q: Are you still negotiating with Antietam? 
A: Although the contract has expired, we remain available to establish a mutually agreeable contract with Antietam. We are disappointed that Antietam has chosen not to carry the only local news source in their backyard that covers Hagerstown and Washington County as in depth as WDVM does.station. 

Q: What can I do about this situation?
A: Act now and demand that Antietam bring back their local hometown station. Contact Antietam directly at 301-797-5000 and tell them to return to negotiations and bring back WDVM 25 on your cable system.

Antietam Main Office: 301-797-5000

Schurz Communications Corporate Office (owner of Antietam Broadband)
Phone Number: 574-247-7237

 Switch Providers!
Don’t like the fact that Antietam Broadband no longer carries WDVM 25? Call DISH (855-898-6730) or Verizon Fios (855-524-1243) to switch to make sure you are treated fairly and get the local programming you want.