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What We Provide

HYFN Local has a suite of products to meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses. Using a strategic approach, we drive results in order to benefit our clients. We start with business intelligence about your company and grow from there. Our consultative approach will allow you to better understand the opportunity as it relates to your business and the path needed to help drive results.

Targeted Display Advertising

Targeted Display advertising, can allow you to focus your advertising, delivering to the people who have shown an interest in your service and/or product.

Video Retargeting

Online Video Retargeting utilizes all the Big Data application points to deliver your company's video pre-roll advertising to the perfect audience.

Digital Mirror

Digital Mirror (DM) is a new technology created by Nexstar's programmatic video company Yashi. Through a software plug-in, Yashi's Digital Mirror technology will recognize when a television commercial airs on television in your local market.

Social Media Management

Optimize your social presence and turn audience into customers.

Reputation Management

Comments and reviews establish a level of trust, helping to draw in new customers while solidifying your loyal base.

Television Production

Our award winning producers have the experience and expertise to build something great..

Native Advertising

This provocative new ad delivery format functions like content that is native to the website in form and function, yielding higher engagement.

SEO Blog Publishing

Your blog can provide your business with unique community-building and marketing capabilities, serving as an incredible tool for sharing information and expertise.

Pay Per Click/SEM

Our PPC services provide state-of-the-art keyword optimization and selection, the most competitive bidding for keywords and simple reporting structures that allow you to track the effectiveness of your SEM investment.

Search Optimized Business Listing

We will optimize for your top 50 sites ensuring that your name, address, phone and web links are consistent and accurate.

Search Engine Optimization

We build websites that satisfy a variety of S.E.O. factors.

Lifestyle Content

Using our Sponsored Lifestyle Content platform, you can effectively position your company as an authority on information relevant to your industry.


Our mobile site building services solve that issue by providing your site with the ability to quickly deliver the best web experience, no matter how your customers might be trying to access your site.

Video SEO

Beyond quality Video production, our Video SEO specialists will create a custom YouTube channel for your Videos and then optimize to make sure your video is seen by audiences interested in your business and products.

Logo Design

We can design a logo that is relevant and able to bring your brand to life.


HYFN Local partnered with a leading restaurant chain that was seeking to build local brand awareness by achieving high video completion rates for their online advertising campaign.

Result #1
With an 86% completion rate, the campaign performed well above the expected benchmark of over 75%.

Result #2
With an expected click through rate (CTR) of more than 1%, the campaign exceeded its goal with a CTR of 1.5%.

The campaign, which was focused on the areas surrounding store locations, was optimized by HYFN Local location focused geo-targeting strategies. By zeroing in on consumers within a 10-mile radius of each location, there were no wasted brand dollars. In order to meet the client's objectives, Tactive helped to increase completion rate, click through rate, and overall performance of the campaign by utilizing geo-targeting, data segmentation, and retargeting.

– Targeted Video Online Advertising #4 – Restaurant

An upscale Jewelry retailer recently launched a video campaign promoting its holiday sale in order to drive sales and foot traffic to its store. The small business jeweler wanted to use Video Pre-Roll to target people in the market to buy jewelry. They used a short 30 second video ad targeting 58 zip codes which represented the areas where their customers have come from historically. These, non-skippable video ads targeted local residents visiting both local and national highly-trafficked websites (sports, news, entertainment, lifestyle, finance, technology, and shopping). These short video ads play before the viewer sees a news video, sports video, or whatever video the consumer was intending to see on the website. Video ads played thousands of times over a 1 week period with 53% of the people viewing watching the full commercial. Additionally because online video is also an interactive form of advertising, HYFN Local customers get the added benefit of making their advertising "clickable" and in the case of the jeweler, delivering people directly to their website. The campaign produced a 3.6% click thru on the video ads directing the customer to the retail website. Although Tactive doesn't charge per click, based on the total cost of the program the cost would have been $.82 – less than a third the average of PPC (pay per click) from Google which was charging $3.16 combined for their keyword and display network for the "Jewelry" target market and demographic.

– Targeted Video Online Advertising #3 – Retail

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