Morning Menu: How to Prepare a Perfectly Cooked Prime Filet Mignon


"Let’s end the New Year and Decade right!" Chef WW

Chef William Walden joined Michelle in the studio Monday morning to show us how to prepare Filet Mignon. Chef Walden shares his recipe below:

Let’s end the New Year and Decade right! “Here’s How to Prepare a Perfectly Cooked Prime Filet Mignon”.  A perfect repast for your significant other or to share with family and friends. In this segment I will share my secret to perfectly cooked steak that’s sure to satisfy even the most discerning palettes. Simply delicious and mouthwatering good! This makes for a wonderful way to enjoy dinner with your favorite sides and accoutrements. Bon Appetit!! #ChefWW

  • 2 or more 8oz Center cut Prime Filet Mignons from your fine butcher (Wegmans or your preferred source)
  • Sea Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper
  • Canola oil for searing
  • Butter for searing and “finishing”
  • Delicious Madeira and Truffle infused sauce (Just a nap to accompany to accent the steak) Or your favorite sauce!
  • Wild Mushroom Medley (Optional and Yes a wonderful seasonal accompaniment)

I will explain carefully and through demonstration how to properly cook your steaks like a Pro Chef. I will also explain the preparation involved in the Madeira Sauce with Winter Truffles. This is how I serve the Filet Mignon at the Historic McFarland House that is so well received. We love Mushrooms and in this medley, I have Roasted Shitake, Oyster, and Hen of the Woods Mushrooms that are accented with a mince of shallot and garlic, all with sea salt. A wonderful way to present your steak unlike any other you’ve had before and well worth the effort. Cheers! Chef WW

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