MERCERSBURG, Pa. (WDVM) — Ashley Alfree is more than just a high honor roll student. She is an athlete, a musician, and a servant to her community.

“She’s really a triple threat to whatever she want to accomplish in life,” Ashley’s mother, Maricris Alfree said. “Like she’s studying hard, she’s been three sports athletic student, and on top of that, she got drama club chorus and she is handling that very well.”

Some people call her a “triple threat” student. Ashley used her talents to build community in her high school, creating “rocket rowdies” to build a sense of comradery among the athletes and the student section to make up for the lack of live spectators throughout the pandemic.

“We couldn’t have as many people coming in because of like the pandemic and so I could tell that the athletes and just like the school environment was not as high as it used to be with enjoyment,” Ashley said. “So I was like I’ll make this Instagram page, and then I can go and post stuff about games that people can go and see.”

Whether it’s helping out at elementary school basketball clinics, helping with the church choir or collecting food for families in the school district with food insecurities, Ashley is always putting others before herself.

“I think that community is a big thing,” Ashley said. “Living immersions berg and being a small town everyone kind of knows your story and like where you’re coming from and what you do with the school and it never hurts to motivate someone and say you’re doing a really good job and I think that’s the important thing about community. “

“She’s just the type of person that you can’t put her in one corner that’s what I’m gonna say about Ashley,” Maricris Alfree said. “Ashley loves to be with people with her friends.”

Ashley says that with all the work she has done within the four years at her high school she hopes it will stick around for people to enjoy for years to come.

“I hope that people realize that becoming involved is not just like being in school and doing something but also bringing it back out to like inviting people to come and see shows or like sporting events,” Ashley said. “I just hope it’s just it just continues to be a very welcoming area in school.”

Ashley plans to attend Juniata College and major in Human Resources Management once she graduates this May.