GREENCASTLE, Pa. (WDVM) — We’re taking the time to highlight students across the DMV who have made the extra effort to create change right in their backyard. Gabby Grazette, a senior at Greencastle-Antrim High School in Pennsylvania, has created a legacy of kindness and humility.

Roz Bingaman, Greencastle-Antrim High School & Middle School Choir director, was glowing when asked about her student, Gabby. Bingaman says she’s had the pleasure of having Gabby in her choir since middle school and nominated her student secretly, planning to tell her at the school’s spring concert.

“She has just been a shining light of encouragement, a servant to anybody who needs anything at all,” Bingaman said.

Honest, humble, encouraging, and kind are just a few words to describe Greencastle-Antrim senior Gabby Grazette. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Tri-M Music National Honor Society, and a multi-sport athlete. It’s hard to find something Gabby hasn’t tried, and even harder to find a peer she hasn’t helped along the way.

“Kindness will help with people trusting other people. It’s like they know you wouldn’t be the person to let them down,” Gabby explained. “As I go onto college, I hope I can continue to just share kindness.”

Band Director Peter Vicenti wishes Gabby would stay with his band forever but is excited to see how his clarinet player will succeed in the future. He explained that Gabby is always looking out for others and even more willing to help her fellow band players.

“She has, this semester, had an opportunity to come down and volunteer in one of my classes, just with a free period that she had, and so she comes down and plays with the other students and helps one of the freshmen clarinet players learn all of her stuff,” Vicenti explained.

“Anybody who’s around her just feels like a better person just because she makes them feel like they’re really important,”

Peter Vicenti, Greencastle-Antrim High School Band Director

Bingaman echoed the sentiments of Vicenti and says Gabby is a positive and encouraging leader in any classroom. She and Vicenti both highlighted that Gabby is always looking to uplift and encourage others, rarely accepting compliments or spotlighting her own accomplishments.

“Gabby is also part of our select vocal ensemble, and that is a 7th through 12th-grade ensemble, and she works with the younger students to help them with their parts as well,” Bingaman explained. “Her calm nature helps the underclassmen to just feel appreciated and welcomed in all of the ensembles.”

Gabby is hoping to pursue a degree in the engineering field where she can foster her creativity. She says one of her greatest, and most recent, accomplishments was the selection of her designs for Franklin County Probations. In her digital productions class, Gabby and her peers were tasked with creating new logos and patches for Franklin County Probations, and her designs were selected to replace the old logos. Regardless of her accomplishments, Gabby wants to leave a legacy of kindness.

“I know what it feels like when you don’t get help or when you feel like no one has your back,” Gabby said. “I feel like everyone should have someone to go talk to especially since we don’t know what everyone’s going through.”

Gabby hasn’t yet decided on what university she will be attending but is hoping to pursue a degree in engineering or landscape engineering.

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