Training and Consulting for Organizations

CPPS the leading developer and provider of scalable training and consulting solutions in the U.S. for keeping people safe in the workplace and while traveling abroad. CPPS was founded in Spokane, Washington by its CEO, Randy Spivey, in 2002. In 2015, the company relocated to Northern Virginia. CPPS has worked together with thousands of organizations–large and small –to include over 50% of Fortune 100 corporations, over 1600 colleges and universities; 2000 hospitals and many of the largest non-profit/charitable organizations in the U.S.

Solutions for Individuals and Families

Recently, CPPS has developed options for individuals and families to find the answers to the questions they’re continually asking.  “What would I do if I heard shots fired at the mall, movie theater, or grocery store?  What do I say to my children, so they stay safe at school?”  CPPS provides solutions for you and your family to be safe wherever you are.  We’re dedicated to helping you become a stakeholder in your own safety and security. 

Products and Services

✔️Active Shooter and other forms of Extreme Violence     ✔️Intimate Partner Violence and Stalking

✔️Workplace Violence                                                              ✔️International Travel Safety

✔️Kidnap and Hostage Survival                                               ✔️Terrorism Survival and Response

✔️Threat Assessment and Management                               ✔️K-12 School Safety

✔️Living Abroad and in High-risk Environments                  


Center for Personal Protection and Safety

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