Introducing Organized in 60 Seconds - informative news segments featuring Certified Professional Organizer and Host Deb Cabral, CPO®, “The DeClutter Coach”, who coaches families and businesses on how to declutter, get organized, take control and maintain order. Deb’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious and will motivate you to get started on a project in YOUR home or office.

Organized in 60 Seconds is designed to give you practical tips and great ideas on the fly, so you can chip away at clutter and implement something right away.

Check out Organized in 60 Seconds on WDVM Mondays at 6am & noon and Sunday at 9:30am.

  • Hanger Tips

    You will never believe how simple and easy these hanger tips are that will help organize your closet!

  • Hard Time Letting Go of Items

    Learn how you can let go of items with this great tip from Deb Cabral, The DeClutter Coach, in this Organized in 60 Seconds segment!

  • Organizing a Basic Tool Box

    The DeClutter Coach, provides some great tips on having an organized tool box in this Organized in 60 Seconds segment!

  • Freezer Food Declutter

    Deb Cabral, The DeClutter Coach, helps you organize your life, 60 seconds at a time. In this Organized in 60 seconds segment learn how to organize and declutter your freezer!

  • Repurpose Glass Jars to Organize Loose Change

    Keep your loose change organized with this helpful tip from The DeClutter Coach Deb Cabral!

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