West Virginia University President Gordon Gee visits Martinsburg High School

Students learn about leadership through his humorous lesson

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - “Gordan Gee is an awesome speaker, and it was great to see that he comes out to speak with the local students of the state,” said Jared Foreman, student, Martinsburg High School.
As part of Martinsburg High School's leadership course, West Virginia University President Gordon Gee stopped by the school to give his perspective on what goes in to taking the lead.
“So, one of my students said, 'Hey! I would love to bring on Gee,' and I’m like, 'You know what? Give it a try [and] give him a call,'” stated Elaine Comer, Martinsburg High School teacher.  
Through his many years of experience, Gee graced the stage with an important message about leadership and grabbed the attention of many through his sense of humor.
“He is telling these stories, and he is hilarious. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. He has an important job, but he also knows how to find that balance,” Comer stated.   
While his intent was to only teach students about leadership, many of them learned an important message along the way.
“I asked President Gee, as far as further development in our state, what can students do to bring back fields and certain ideas to the state? His answer was really remarkable,” Foreman stated.  
According to Gee, the most important message of them all was for students to stay true to themselves. 

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