Rubber Ducks race to raise money for seniors in Jefferson County

The 7th annual Rubber Duck race was put on by Good Shepherd Caregivers


More than 500 rubber ducks raced down a stream in Shepherdstown to benefit seniors in Jefferson County
People showed up to downtown Shepherdstown to watch the 7th annual race.
Each plastic duck was purchased and given a number.
The ducks were then dumped into a stream near McMurran Hall in downtown Shepherdstown.
The plastic ducks then raced 300 yards away and the fastest ducky won its owner a couple hundred dollars.
Gary Tucker, the race co-founder said this started as a way for the caregivers to raise money without having to ask for resources from the community.
"One of the problems with non profits nowadays, particularly in a small community is we're always asking for donations. This was an activity that we started [and] it's completely funded by Good Shepherd Caregivers,” said Tucker.
This year, the Good Shepherd Caregivers raised nearly $2,000 and expect the event to keep growing in years to come.

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