Recovered artifacts tell history of Harpers Ferry

1,200 artifacts were recovered from underneath Potomac Street

HARPERS FERRY, W.Va. - It's been said that history lies just beneath the surface. Now, Harpers Ferry residents are seeing just how true that is.

"[They] tell a story of Potomac Street that otherwise would have been lost," said Elizabeth Comer, President of EAC/Archeology Inc. in Baltimore.

Comer and her team recovered the 1,200 artifacts from a reconstruction project back in 2016.

"We found pieces of stock iron that were bent like they'd been clipped, tin snips, sheets of led, sheets of brass," another individual involved with the project said.

Other major items found were a belt buckle from the Civil War, a bayonet, and a tuyere, which is a nozzle that blows air to heat up a furnace.

Comer says everything found belongs to the town and the residents because they were found underneath a public street.

"They are our shared history, whether we grew up in Harpers Ferry, or our ancestors did. They are our shared history," Comer said.

Mayor Wayne Bishop said now the town will being working towards obtaining a certified space to keep the artifacts. 

The archeologists involved in the project say they are willing to come back to other events in the future to show their findings to the town.

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