Hundreds invited to eat, drink and be merry with Shepherdstown Volunteer Fire Company

Volunteers prepare a holiday feast for their community

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. - The entire community of Shepherdstown was invited to wine and dine with their volunteer fire company Saturday. 

More than 300 were expected to enjoy the expansive feast.

“We do this dinner for the community because the community helps us out all throughout the year,” said Craig Simpson, President, Shepherdstown Volunteer Fire Company.

Children were the most excited guests, as a special appearance from Santa Claus let them share their holiday wishes, and they also got to tour fire trucks.

Volunteers at the dinner said they enjoy giving to others both at the firehouse and in the field.

“I like to help out," said Jon Stammer, volunteer firefighter. "It makes me feel involved and like a purpose behind me living here, so I enjoy seeing people smile and seeing a smile on their face when we help them out."

Although the dinner came at no cost to diners, those who wished to give a little holiday treat could do so.

“We have the boot out today. Nobody has to donate, but any donations are welcome,” said Denny Barron, Treasurer, Shepherdstown Volunteer Fire Company.

The donations go towards keeping the fire department operational throughout the year, and in turn, keeps Shepherdstown safe.

“Whether it's stopping by, helping someone get up or if it’s actually putting out a fire, there’s been a couple of those in the middle of the night. I just enjoy helping others,” explained Stammer. 

The fire company wants Shepherdstown residents to know just one thing this holiday season:

“[The event shows] how thankful the fire department is for our community and that they have really helped us to really accomplish what we do,” said Simpson.

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