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Eastern Panhandle Transit Authority launches new schedules and app

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - The Eastern Panhandle Transit Authority (EPTA) launched some new routes for their bus system today.

Bus riders throughout the eastern panhandle are adjusting to the new schedules.

"I’m just displeased to know that I’m going to be late for work as a result of the change," Gregory White, a EPTA bus passengers said.

The EPTA launched the new schedules Monday, changing the timing for everyday riders.

Gregory White says he was misinformed about what routes to take to get to his job.

"I was given a schedule, but I didn't take the time to look at the schedule. That won’t happen tomorrow," White said.

EPTA says they needed to expand their service areas because of the growth they've seen in the counties. Others say the change has actually helped them save time.

"You would wait so long for the buses and now that i see the change it seems like it has improved some," Erma Fair, a EPTA bus passenger said.

And with more bus routes they’ve decided to switch from color coded buses lines to a number system to keep track of buses.

Not only do they reach areas in Inwood and out north, they've also launched a new app so people can track where their bus is at all times.

"I think it will be nice because that way you can kind of plan out how you have to do things just by checking where your buses are. It will let you know where the delay is or if there has to be a detour because of something going on," John Birckhead said.

Caperton Station used to be the only place where people could transfer from one bus to another but now but now there are four other stops where people.

"Those are some big changes and we know it but we also understand that it’s going to benefit the public in the long run as they get a hold of the new system and how it works," Doug Pixler, Eastern Panhandle Transit Authority director said.

EPTA is offering complimentary rides all this week as people adjust.

The last time EPTA launched new schedules was in 2015.

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