UPDATE: Bed bug lawsuit underway in Berkeley County

The plaintiffs are seeking compensation

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. - A civil suit has been filed against multiple people, including the Cottages of Martinsburg, an apartment complex, which residents claim was infested with bed bugs. 

It's a story that dates back almost a year.

"I represent two single-working mothers, Branden Parks and Jordan Smith, as well as a retiree, Sally Grant. They all were tenants of the cottages," said Laura Davis, Partner, Skinner Law Firm.

After Parks came forward alleging her home was infested with bed bugs prior to moving in, others in the complex started to echo the same concerns.

"We anticipate that there will be significant discovery of how the infestation happened in each of these cases, what the management knew and what the management did about it when they discovered the problems in the cottages," said Davis.

According to Davis, those residents are now suing the third-party property management company, U.S. Residential Group, and the Cottages of Martinsburg.

They are also suing Nadine Kennedy, the apartments' manager at the time and Anne Beard, the regional manager for U.S. Residential Group.

Kennedy no longer works for the Cottages of Martinsburg, and the property is no longer managed by U.S. Residential Group. They're now under the authority of Burlington Capitol.

"We have sought a jury trial, and we're prepared to take it there," said Davis.

WDVM's Erin Miller spoke with the defense attorney handling the cases who said "because the matter is in litigation, I can't say much, but the Cottages denies claims being made against them."

The plaintiffs are seeking compensation in this suit.

"But those losses and harms pail in comparison to the emotional distress, the anxiety, the worry of going to bed at night and worrying that you or your children are going to wake up covered in bed bug bites," said Davis.

Documents state the case will be ready for trial in June of 2018.

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