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Mineral County teacher selected to participate in one of the biggest races in United States

Natalie Zimmerman, teacher at Keyser High, has been running in over 500 races.

KEYSER, W.Va. - Natalie Zimmerman is about to achieve her dream of running in the Boston Marathon.
 "I don't know a life without running," said Zimmerman.
She's run in over 500 races from California to Alaska, and her first international race just last year. 
Zimmerman was chosen to participate in a national team of educators by the Cramp Relief Sponsor of the Boston Marathon, Hyland.
"I've wanted to run in the 2018 Boston Marathon ever since I watched it on TV, back in the days when Bill Rogers was running and winning," said Zimmerman.
At Keyser High, she teaches math and computer science.
 "She'll work with you one-on-one. she's always there for you, dedicated," said Lexi Turner, 11th grader at Keyser High School.
Students say they're not surprised she was one of the 13 teachers selected. Her regimen includes swimming, biking and yoga for six days a week. 
 "As soon as I go home, I throw on the running shoes and go for a run," said Zimmerman.
Zimmerman was at the prime of her running career when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
"You know, I felt like I done everything. I was healthy, ate right, I was pretty devastated," said Zimmerman. 
But she overcame it five years ago and now, it's back to the grind.
"You have to find something that you enjoy doing, and start easy," said Zimmerman. 
An avid runner, a passionate teacher and a cancer survivor, ready to add the Boston Marathon to an impressive list
"I didn't want that to be the end of my story," said Zimmerman. 

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