Windstorm clean-up continues in Northern Virginia

Storm brings down about 1000 trees at national park

Prince William County, Va. - Cleanup continues and parks remain closed in Prince William County due to last week's brutal windstorm.

Almost a week later, downed trees, damaged power lines, and broken signs fill Prince William Forest Park's 14,000 acres of land. Officials say the park remains closed out of concern for their 350,000 annual visitors. As of Thursday, they say their biggest concern are the "Widow-makers" created by the storm.

"These are twigs and branches that if a wind gust hit them and they fall in a tree, if someone is not paying attention and looking up they can get injured or even killed," said Chris Alfred, chief of interpretation at the park. 

Neighboring residents say they're still feeling the effects of the nor'easter as well. 

"It was just like a war zone, you could see the trees falling and hear them falling," said Freddie West, who lives less than a mile from Prince William forest park.

Park staff say clean-up will take months to complete, but they expect the park to re-open in 2-3 weeks.

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