Winchester Young Democrats form coalition to bring light to big issues

The coalition is high school students in Clarke, Frederick, and Winchester

WINCHESTER, Va. - Winchester Young Democrats is a newly formed coalition of high school students in Clarke, Frederick, and Winchester.

They plan to, "come together and create new ideas or work as a bigger force for things we want to get involved in, active in," said Patrick Northup, founder of Winchester Young Democrats.

Northup says there is strength in numbers when it comes to advocating issues to create change.

Issues they are focusing on include Medicaid expansion, gun reform, and equality among minorities, women, and the LGBT community.

"I just want to fight for them even though they may not want to fight for themselves," said Ian Hogendobler, member of Winchester Young Democrats.

The coalition says the activism seen by the Parkland shooting victims has motivated them to speak up so an incident like that never happens again.

"We are high schoolers and we realize this could have been us, we're the same age as these kids so it's really inspiring also what they're doing using their voices and creating a difference," said Northrup.

Winchester Young Democrats also plans to focus their attention on the 10th congressional district race. Their hope is one of the democratic candidates would remove republican Congresswomen Barbara Comstock from office.

"They should be scared this election. A lot of seats are very vulnerable. And they need to watch their back. Even though we're young, we're still out there and we're knocking doors, we're trying to make a change," said Hogendobler.

Comstock's office did not return our request for a statement in time for this story.

The group is asking people in the community to join them on March 14th for the National Walkout at 10 am for 17 minutes; one for every person killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

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