UPDATE: Virginia Senator Tim Kaine discusses election results, Senate priorities

Having worked with Ralph Northam in the past, he's excited about the future

FAIRFAX, Va. - In response to recent elections in Virginia, Senator Tim Kaine discussed the results and how they reflect on his work in the Senate.

Sen. Kaine said he is excited about the results, having worked with Ralph Northam in the past, and has three objectives going forward. 

The senator believes Virginia's democrats have put together major victories this year, including winning seats in the House and Senate.

Democrats don't fight with each other in the interest of serving others.

Sen. Kaine said he rejects the divisive style of the president, using fear as a campaign tactic.

As far as his Senate, Sen. Kaine said he is continuing to work on healthcare and tax reform issues.

"I really saw among these candidates tremendous energy and enthusiasm. People [are] saying, 'Look. At this time in our country's life, get off the sidelines and go out and work!' and it was really exciting to see it," said Sen. Kaine. 

Sen. Kaine said he hopes that everyone can access affordable healthcare will become a prioritized issue for Virginia.

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