UPDATE: Virginia Congresswoman Barbara Comstock unveils Metro bill

The bill would increase Metro's federal funding by 50 percent

NORTHERN VIRGINIA - Virginia Congresswoman Barbara Comstock has released her 77-page Metro bill, which took more than a year to draft in conjunction with regional business groups. 

The bill would increase Metro's federal funding by 50 percent in exchange abolishing the Metro's current board and creating a five person temporary reform board.  

Next, a permanent nine-person board would be created.

Unlike the former U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood’s report, Rep. Comstock’s bill requires that the Metro Compact, a governing document, be amended to create the board and would block federal funding to the Metro until all jurisdictions Metro serves enact such legislation. 

Many, such as LaHood and WMATA GM and CEO Paul Wiedefeld, have resisted revising the compact, as it is a process that typically takes years. 

The bill has also raised eyebrows, as the board would have the power to void or amend existing union contracts and could impose overtime pay limitations.

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