United Way of Northern Shenandoah Valley facing deficit for this year's campaign goal

The organization has exceeded its goals the past two years

WINCHESTER, Va. - The United Way of Northern Shenandoah Valley has exceeded its $1.1 million campaign goal the past two years, but this year, it's facing an estimated $75,000 deficit.

"We just need a little bit more help getting a little bit further and get to the finish line," said Nadine Pottinga, CEO, United Way NSV.

Previously, local United Way officials could solicit donations directly from federal agencies in the community through the combined federal campaign, but now, they can no longer do that. 

"What went through my mind is that the demand and the need keeps growing, and we can't afford to fall behind that need," said Scott Harvard, Leadership Gifts Chair, United Way 2017 Campaign.

Officials said last year the United Way faced a 17 percent increase in funding requests from local nonprofits. 

"It's also that a lot of agencies have had funding cut from local state and federal monies, and so, we're trying to make up that gap. A lot of these programs don't go away, and we can continue to help fund them," said Pottinga.

Although, the local United Way said it anticipates raising fewer dollars as a result of this restructuring, this year's campaign theme is "United We Fight. United We Win," and that's the message that's pushing the organization through.

"The deficit worries you a little bit, but I also know the community rallies. It is about the power of one and how people can make a difference in the community," said Susan Brooks, Campaign Chair, United Way 2017 Campaign.

To help narrow the gap, United Way NSV is seeking support from local businesses through fundraising campaigns, corporate gifts and individual donations. 

Officials said now,federal employee contributions are managed by the United Way of National Capital area. This is the first year for the change.

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