SU has conservative group back on campus after 10 years

Kyle Denning hopes this brings political diversity to campus

WINCHESTER, Va. - Shenandoah University now has a GOP club back on campus after a decade all thanks to one motivated student.  

The last time Shenandoah University had a conservative group on campus was back in 2008.

"It dissolved shortly after the election because of the major loss that happened and a lot of political embarrassment for the political party," said Kyle Denning.

And that's why Kyle Denning, 20, a junior at Shenandoah University, majoring in political science and minoring in history, started a chapter of college republicans.

"I feel like it's important for a campus to have both sides of the story for everything," said Denning.

Denning was motivated to start the GOP club after republicans lost the governor's seat in Virginia last November.

"We hope that this will bring more awareness for the conservative movement because there was a tied delegate race and that shows that every vote matters," said Denning.

Denning says he plans to help register voters on campus and hold a forum or debate for the 2018 republican primary for U.S. senate in November.

"We want to go door to door. Do a grassroots movement to get republicans winning in Virginia," said Denning.

So far, his chapter of college republicans has 15 members. Denning is hoping to grow to 50 members by the end of the semester and 75 or 100 by the end of November. 

Denning's goal is to bring political diversity to campus.

The community has been very supportive of the new club.

Denning says he has received enough donations from the Winchester and Frederick County republican committees and local tea party groups that he has not had to implement a membership fee.

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