Students put finishing touches on projects they hope will positively impact the community

Shenandoah University hosts 4th annual SUper Summit

WINCHESTER, Va. - Students at Shenandoah University gathered to have their semester’s worth of work critiqued before they present it at conferences and pitch it to stakeholders.
All 40 projects, created by undergraduate and graduate students had the overarching theme of positively impacting the community. Anne Hess, an undergraduate student, for example created a program she hopes will help combat youth opioid addiction in Frederick County, Va. The program sets up a mentoring system with Shenandoah students and local at risk students between the ages of 12 and 17.
"The teacher would recommend the student for this program and basically show them things besides using drugs,” explained Hess.
The program would also teach students coping mechanisms and improve communication with their parents.


Hess pitches the program to community stakeholders in May.

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