New sights and sounds hit Rockland Park in Warren County

A new music park has been added with six ensemble instruments to play

WARREN COUNTY, Va. - When you walk through Rockland Park in Warren County, now you'll hear the sounds of music.

Warren County officials have announced the new Lorraine Lewhew Hultquist Music Park.

Ms. Lorraine was part of a women's chorus for 28 years. She has a passion for music and donated the entire funding for the park.

 "Oh! I love music. I don't think I could live without it. I have it on all the time," said Hultquist.

There are six sculptural ensemble pieces, and the harmony music park is designed in the shape of a violin.  

"Any time you can expand your horizons and do it with music, I think that's one of the best ways to go forward," said Ron Harvey, Warren County Parks and Recreation Commission.

The equipment is interactive, durable and perfectly tuned with no wrong notes, and everyone, regardless of age or ability, is welcomed to play!

"Whether you start at the age of six or start at the age of 80, it doesn't make a difference. Music is a passion for all of us," said Dan Lenz, Director, Warren County Parks and Recreation.

Officials said this is the only music park in the area, and they are thinking of adding more ensemble pieces to either Rockland Park or other parks in Warren County.

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