UPDATE: I-66 express lane tolls reach $40

This peak period occurred around 8 a.m. Tuesday

VIRGINIA - After just two days of express lanes operating on Interstate-66 inside the Beltway, officials said they're already seeing improvements to congestion.

Officials said driving speeds are averaging around 58 mph during peak hours. This compares 37 mph averages this time last year.

They also said there has been a fairly significant reduction in travel time.

However, the dynamic tolling on the nine-mile stretch has caused a buzz within the community.

Prices have ranged from around $4 all the way to $40 at around 8 Tuesday morning.

Those toll prices are updated every six minutes.

"It's important to note that people that did pay that were drivers that made that choice to pay it," reminds Michelle Holland, VDOT, Communications Manager for Megaprojects.

Officials said they're monitoring toll pricing patterns and operations closely to get a better idea of options for the future.

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