'Close before you doze' each and every night

A closed door slows down the spread of smoke, heat and fire

WINCHESTER, Va. - Fire officials use the slogan "Close before you doze" as a reminder for people to close their bedroom doors before they go to sleep at night.

Keeping a bedroom door closed keeps the smoke from getting inside a room or spreading fast outside of the room.

A closed door slows down the spread of smoke, heat and fire. It also reduces toxic smoke levels, oxygen levels and decreases temperatures dramatically, which could make a life-saving difference in your home.

"By closing your bedroom door, that's going to isolate you from the fire. It's going to give you a safe haven, so you're protected much like the fire department may do if they're searching to try to find you. If we search a room that's empty, we're going to close the door to limit the spread of fire and protect any occupant that may still be in the building," said Jeremy Luttrell, Fire Marshal, Winchester Fire & Rescue Department.

Winchester's fire marshal also said to make sure a fire alarm is inside the room that you are sleeping in.

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