Fairfax Chamber of Commerce Appoints New Executive Director

Chamber officials say, what the city needs is to continue advancing on projects

FAIRFAX, Va. - Fairfax city is known to be a great place to live and work. Just ask its residents.

"It is a small town in the middle of a crazy mega-tropilis," said Jennifer Rose, the executive director.

"Really having a small town right in the middle of this place, is just outstanding,” said Doug Church, the chairman of chamber of commerce.

It is shaped by the faces that make important decisions in the city, like Jennifer Rose, the new executive director of the chamber of commerce. She says she will continue transforming Fairfax city, into one of the best places in Virginia.

"I joke and say I am on a listening tour, to determine the needs of the community, but our relationship with the city of Fairfax is stellar right now and we value that," said Rose.

"To have her join us, with both of our love for the city, is extremely exciting. She sometimes says that I am even more excited than she is, and that is probably true. I don't see any question in that,” said Church.

Chamber officials say that what the city needs is to continue advancing on projects it has been working on, and to continue their relationship with small businesses in the area.

"There is always room for improvement. For someone who commutes obviously transportation is an important issue and it is a hot button issue. Reinvigorating the chamber and the city businesses, there is a lot of buzz going on in the city. They have got their new tag-line, open for business, and the beauty of my role is, my role grows, as the chamber grows,” said Rose.

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