Distracted driving bill passes state senate

Va - A bill that would make it illegal for drivers to use cell phones that are not mounted somewhere in their cars has passed through the state senate.

Delegate Chris Collins proposed the bill and says it's similar to drinking while driving; while we all know we shouldn't be doing it and people die from it, this bill would raise an additional awareness and give law enforcement the ability to ticket erratic drivers.

A senator put an amendment on the bill to make some significant changes and on Thursday, the changes were rejected.

"This has been a process that has been going on for three years. Been working towards trying to improve the texting while driving statue to make it more enforceable as well as trying to make our roads a little safer," said Delegate Chris Collins, (R) Winchester and Counties of Frederick and Warren.

Collins says he will be working to come to an agreement amongst the parties, house, and the senate so the bill can get a signature from the Governor.

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