Churches join national movement against school violence

Vienna Presbyterian Church prays over local schools

VIENNA, Va. - As students across the country call for gun control to end violence in schools, faith-based organizations are also asking what can be done to protect their schools. 

Members of Vienna Presbyterian Church joined the national call for action after Sunday morning service.

Members of the congregation were asked to go to a school of their choice and pray.

Those in attendance reflected on the deaths of the 17 students and teachers killed in Parkland, Florida and prayed for their students safety. 

"This is our response to make a statement and show how much we care about our local schools," said Sue Hamblen, organizer of the walk. "We would like to see this really sweep the community of Vienna and have other churches join and really blanket each school with prayer."

Organizers said the group prayed over at least six local schools. 

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