UPDATE: West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito speaks on GOP tax bill

She says the bill is a win-win for West Virginia and its residents

WEST VIRGINIA - As votes for the GOP tax cut bill roll in, a senator from West Virginia explains why she supports this legislation. 

West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito said with over 95 percent of businesses in the state are classified as small businesses, tax reform is much needed.  

She said lowering the tax burden for these businesses will create higher wages and job opportunities for West Virginians, and the overall result is a big boost for the economy.

But Sen. Capito said there are some things that can be improved. 

"We would like to make everything permanent - all of the tax, all of the tax reform and tax cut. We're working towards that. We're not all the way there, but we want to make sure everything is predictable and that it results in lower taxes in a permanent fashion," said Sen. Capito.

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